NEW 01/02-PVPVE/ORP/SE DINOS 4xG/EXP_8xT_10xBreed

4X Gather / 4X XP / 8X Taming / 10X Egg Hatch & Dino Maturation – ORP Enabled

New server hosted by a friendly group of players looking for all types to join us.
While this is a PvP server, particularly destructive behavior is not tolerated. We strive to keep this server fun, fair, and competitive!
Tabula Rasa lets you experience Scorched Earth content without having the DLC, and we custom edited beacon drops.
The server has been pre-paid for the next 3 months so there’s no fear of it going down.

~~~~~ Chat ~~~~~

Racism, hate speech, obscenity towards admins is not tolerated.

~~~~~ PVP ~~~~~

— World PVP is fair game.

— No mindlessly griefing tribe bases. If you are attacking a base, it is because you are raiding them.

— No greifing clearly inferior players to you. We want new players to stay on the server so lets not destroy their wooden shack.

~~~~~ Raiding (Two types) ~~~~~

— Loot raid: You are raiding the tribes base in order to reach their vaults. DO NOT cause extensive damage to their base so they can recover.

— Domination raid: You are raiding the tribes base in order to claim their land for yourself. You must entirely wipe the base in one raid and claim their land as your own after demolition.

~~~~~ Caging ~~~~~

— The same tribe MAY NOT cage the same player more than 1 time a day and may only have them caged for a maximum of 1 hour, and are directly responsible for their release.

~~~~~ Platform Dinosaurs ~~~~~
—–ALL Platformed Dinosaurs—–

–Driver must be clearly visible, and may NOT be boxed in. NO EXCEPTIONS dino WILL be executed.


— MAY have Plant Species X built on them.

— MAY have mountable turrets

— MAY NOT have autoturrets built on them.

— A quetz with autoturrets will be executed. NO EXCEPTIONS!

—–Paracer, Bronto, Mosasaurs, Plesiosaurs—–

— MAY have any type of turrets

~~~~~ Building ~~~~~

— No Spamming Foundations or Pillars to block off spawning, resources or new player spawn areas

— Do not block off artifact caves.

— Do not build inside of the volcano.

~~~~~ Warnings/Declarations ~~~~~

— All consequences are ultimately determined by the admin(s).

— Any claims should be sent to the admins over steam, not over global chat.

— Please make a best effort to create providable screenshots of claims regarding offenses.

~~~~~ Settings ~~~~~

Admin logging enabled
Third person enabled
Gamma enabled
Map location pin enabled
Crosshairs enabled
Tribute downloads disabled
ORP enabled (30 mins after last tribe member logs off)
Offline Structure Decay Enabled
Permanent diseases disabled
Spoil and corpse timers x2
Egg laying x1.5
All SE content is available

~~~~~ Values ~~~~~
—–Level Caps—–

— 120 Player
— 180 Wild Dinosaur, 100 XP Leveling

—–Player Stat Changes Per Level—–

-Health x2
-Stamina x1.5
-Oxygen x2
-Food x1.5
-Water x1.5
-Weight x3
-Melee x1.5
-Speed x2
-Fortitude x2.5
-Crafting Speed x2

— Player Food & Water consumption rate is: 0.8

— Dinosaur Weight increased

— Dinosaur & Player Health Regen increased to 2X

~~~~~ Mods ~~~~~

515417044 – Difficulty 6++
758608778 – Scorched Earth Tabula Rasa
719928795 – Platforms Plus
731604991 – Structures Plus
557147187 – RAWR Beacons
630601751 – Resource Stacks
679529026 – Ark Steampunk Mod
572277026 – Ark Advance
633831197 – Bulk Crafters
566887000 – Pet Finder
566885854 – Death Helper
569786012 – Meat Spoiler
703724165 – Versatile Raft Mod
538827119 – Omnicular
722649005 – Redwoods Anywhere